And this year the award goes to...

Each year the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society committee members discuss, argue, debate, rage and indeed fight over which UK roundabout deserves to be the UK Roundabout of the Year. The highest traffic island accolade to UK city, town or even village.

This year's award goes to the "Clown Roundabout" in Merseyside.

A wonderful Wallasey roundabout situated at the mouth of the River Mersey. "Jeers for the Clown" was one of the many negative headlines in the local papers. Objectors moaned the 26ft clown holding a 'Welcome to New Brighton' sign was a waste of thousands of pounds. Locals here all know this roundabout as the Clown Roundabout, but its official title is 'Pierrot', after the clown characters that used to perform on New Brighton Promenade.

Well, the last laugh is now on the past moaning objectors because they can now boast, "We have the UK's Roundabout of the Year 2022."

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