Jack Vettriano coaster set of six (the dull ones).


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Jack Vettriano coaster set of six (the dull ones).

Jack Vettriano coaster set of six.


Wooden coaster set of six featuring –

Jack Vettriano’s not too dull couples.

90 x 90 mm.

3 mm thick.

High gloss.

Easy to clean.

Hard wearing.

Classy packaging.

Delivered in bubble wrapped envelopes.

Now it has to be said a lot of Vettriano’s couples are somewhat sexy and captured in quite racy, compromising positions. Not so here on the Dullkev site. We have gone for his well turned out lovers and acquaintances.  Also worth stating, they are all fully clothed, albeit well attired. We have couples leaving restaurants, gazing out of cafe windows, strolling along beaches and casually chatting under an umbrella on the sea front. So, no need to get hot under your collars – enjoy.

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Weight 173 kg
Dimensions 220 × 170 × 10 cm


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